Freaky X-Plane adventures

After the festivities at Christmas Island, I returned to the Netherlands.

Even though my Christmas voyage had ended spectacularly in disaster, I felt compelled to fly more.

I do not have Air Hauler, and am reluctant to try something like FSEconomy. I don’t think I want to feel such pressure to fly or to make money or optimize something. I just want to fly, travel and have fun.

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After I was saved by the heroic @BeachAV8R, and we had celebrated at Christmas Island, @TheAlmightySnark brought me back to Jakarta. I was asking him whether it would be a good idea to just put me down into the jungle somewhere, to flee from the huge debt I had because I had ruined that beautiful Dornier Do-228. I was quite certain my adventure, though incredbiyl fun, was not covered by any insurance.

Rudolph told me they were not going to cover my damages. “Don’t be down though! I am quite sure it will all be allright!”
I felt this was just some empty Christmas-feel-good remark.

How wrong of me.

When I got back to Amsterdam, I heard some distant relative had died and I was now a millionaire…

What to do with all that money?

^Read this, it’s awesome!

I dreamt of flying across the world in my own Catalina, but unfortunately, even back then it was too expensive for the obscurely rich to buy and operate a ‘Flying Yacht’. Today, only a few Catalina’s are left in flying condition.

Still, I told my self, I should really go fly a seaplane. Apparently I have a talent for flying planes into the sea, why not use it?

And so it was that the residents of Leiden saw me depart from Valkenburgse Meer one cold and wet January morning.

Goodbye Leiden!


Overflying Scheveningen and Den Haag, heading south… Not sure where we’re going yet.

Hey, 26 Fahrenheit! Isn’t that below 0 Celsius ? Let’s stay below those clouds and get a bit lower just to be sure.

The harbour of Rotterdam …

One of Zeeland’s numerous dikes and dams…

Landed near Bergen op Zoom and EHWO ( Vliegbasis Woensdrecht ).
Let’s find a place to sleep and someone who can get us some jerrycans of kerosene!


That’s a cool article…wow…

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I vaguely remembered some dream of flying anywhere you like, land or sea, living in a Catalina.

I guess @TheFlyingProfessor planted it there, but I’m not sure.
Anyway I started googling and found this article. Fascinating for sure!

Yes, very Fitzgerald or Hughsian. Loved it.

The Beaver is quickly becoming my favorite amphibian. Lovely video here detailing its virtues.


Slightly OT but one of my favourite FC videos.

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