Free Accu-sim P-40

Saw this on Facebook a few minutes ago. It was posted less than an hour ago.

Free Accu-Sim P-40 during the current pandemic

A2A commends everyone who is hunkering down, self isolating and social distancing alone or with their families, doing their part in the efforts to thwart the spread of the virus. Whilst we are all at home and mostly trying to stick inside, please accept this free aircraft, our Accu-Sim P-40 simulation to help pass the time.

To get your FREE Accu-sim P-40 simulation, simply log into or create an A2A Store account and then add the P-40 FSX or P3D to your cart and proceed as if it were a normal purchase.

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March 18th Community Flight

#stayhome #playflightsims

  • A2A Simulations Team

Looks like it will be a nice addition to anyone’s hanger that does not have it.



Many great sales out there and on top of that great free modules giveaways.

One wish the day has 48 hours (or at least the evening after kids fall asleep :slight_smile: ).