Free Let L-410

Looks like some solid improvements have been made…can’t wait to try it out:


Let L-410 Promo video - YouTube

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Nice - grabbed/snaffled/acquired! Thanks!

The passenger version link seems to be broke on their site, but the cargo is downloading now.

That looks absolutely gorgeous!

Took a look around it today…very nicely done 3D cockpit and flight model. Feels like a bigger Mu-2… Nice job for this freeware aircraft…


Very nice. Will need to add this one to the hanger, especially with your recommendation Beach.

When I was living in Munich in the early 90s, it was not uncommon to see these at dropzones around Bavaria, Czech Rep., and Austria. We were doing large formations one weekend at Klagenfurt with a Turbolet and a Partenavia in formation, I think trying to build something like a 33 way. The Partenavia looked like a horrible jump ship to me so I selected the Turbolet. They had installed a rollup door at L1 and knowing how some of these things go in Europe, I asked to be 1A, or the first guy out, meaning that I was the guy who climbed out the door first and held on with my left foot on the door sill, left hand hooked at the top of the door, trying to be as flat and far back as possible, so that we could squeeze 4 or 5 people in the door, the rest stacked tightly behind. While we had briefed to exit as soon as the jumpers left the Partenavia, all of a sudden I saw that folks were leaving before the other load had. Then I realized that that I was laying on my back still holding on to the door, and that the Turbolet had stalled dropping the left wing and was beginning to get rotation in my direction.

So I sort of pushed off and for a moment had the view of me falling on my back with the aircarft likewise falling above me only a few feet away, while jumpers somehow kept pulling themselves out of the door. The Partenavia had broken left and no one exited that aircraft, until it could do a procedure turn and return for another jump run. This was at about 14k feet, so plenty of room for the pilot to recover, which he did rather gracefully, so they said. I had rolled and tracked away looking for anyone to join in a formation so the whole thing wouldnt be a waste of time and jump tickets. I think eventually about 8 of us got together. Found out during the next jump briefing that the pilot had pulled back the power on no.1 to make it easier to exit, but wasnt used to the whole load trying to chunk out at once. We went right back up again, but I chose the Partenavia this time.


What a story!