Freebies from Blackbird Sims

just wow!


Not downloading for me (trying the F-4E) - just stays at 0/0

*ok it downloaded as 2|MB in a zip - which won’t open (CRC failed).

Something ain’t right.

** then on retry it only downloaded 6MB.

I think I’ll wait for things to settle down.

will try later today

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Well the B55 Baron started and seemed to download okay - but that stopped short, too - at 158MB of 163. So i think it probably is just best to wait a bit and try again later or tomorrow.

*Hey - thanks for the hedzup tho :slight_smile:

That’s really wonderful that they would do this. Lots of great titles here, including the Phantoms, Super Saber, Skyraider, and Beaver. Not that I have a sim installed to run them, but for those who do, there is a lot of goodness there.

Still unable to download any single product that isn’t corrupted. As they offer absolutely no support there’s no point in asking them, either.

I still fly both FSX and P3D in VR and these would be nice, but looks like it’s just another to forget about.

started my download but didnt have chance to check if completed :slight_smile:
will get back to it again later today.

I agree that its great resource for few of the best addons for FSX/P3D.

if it works of course. if it doesnt I would assume that asking/notifying them isnt support request per se.
but lets see if more users have an issue with it.

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all good on my side Johnny.

was able to dl B55 and 310 without any issues. even tried the B55 installer and it started OK.

using MS Edge browser.

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I uninstalled FSX also some time ago. wondering if it is worth to reinstall. the modules are great, no doubt, but the performance of the sim is really not that great.

how naive we were when we thought ‘FSX was developed for future HW’. unfortunately the performance now is almost the same as it was back then :slight_smile:

no P3D 64bit here unfortunately.

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I just managed to download my first working archive - the Cessna 310. That took 2 attempts, though - the first one aborted at 80%.

I noticed that when the downloads were corrupted the speeds were slow - and sometimes the download took quite a while just to get started. However, the one that finally worked was at my normal speed and took just a few seconds. Maybe it’s cos the servers have been getting hammered.

Just tried a different browser and now seems okay with that, too :+1:

will these work in MSFS200 too ?

they wont natively, all were developed for FSX/P3D

but there is a way to convert these models. never did it. but @Johnny you have some experience with conversions iirc.

Yes I do, but you can’t use cockpit controls with them, only keybinds, and there’s no guarantee any particular aircraft will work.
In fact, sometimes an aircraft will work fine in one session, but not the next one, so it’s all a bit iffy - but it’s a relatively simple operation, depending how far you want to go.
The only aircraft I used modelconverter for was the Learjet 35A, where the dash needed some adjustment - that experience put me off doing it again! Though I did have some friendly help, as well.

I hammed my way through it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t find a link to the utility I used, but I’ll keep looking. There are a couple of helpful posts - though these would require some knowledge, at least a basic level, of how things work in FSX add-on aircraft.


This is the utility I used: