Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

I picked this one up on a whim today. It’s actually pretty good all things considered. Plenty of strategy, some trading, large scale firefights with procedural terrain (at least I think it is). Evidently it is like Warband but with guns instead of swords and spears.

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Yeah, actually!

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It’s well worth a look, especially at $14.99 . There is not much I can say that isn’t covered in more detail on the Steam page linked in my first post. It’s single player only, which may put some people off. I have had more than my money’s worth, and I am nowhere near finishing up a campaign (it’s quite hard)… The firefights are fun.

*staring in @PaulRix eye * Yeah, but what are you wearing…

My character looks like a serial killer from a 1980’s slasher movie. Lol. I don’t like paying for gear, so I mostly use looted combat clothing/gear and save my cash for paying the troops and buying firearms.

Go on…