French fighter jet 'tracks' Jet2 flight on route to Birmingham - BBC News

It must be the slow summer season at the beeb! :wink:

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Le baguette

I tried to figure out why this was so ‘scary’ and ‘terrifying’; I was left only with this reaction:

I would be nervous if I was any where close to the Russian border. Those guys have a history of shooting down airliners

Bit unfair, so have US forces done in the past. I think the French and Brits haven’t though.

Eh, as long as you avoid Ticonderoga class missile cruisers and don’t look like an F-14, you’re fine.

Ivan on the other hand’s shot down not one but two KAL passenger jets on opposite side’s of the planet, that Airbus over the Ukraine, and a couple of DC-6s to boot. The PVO does not appreciate your border transgressions, tovarisch


Can’t look like a cablecart either! They love hittin them up! :wink:

Interesting list btw: List of airliner shootdown incidents - Wikipedia

We didn’t hit the cable car we hit the wire holding the cable car up. Huge difference.

That is true enough I suppose, the consequences are not much different though!

Amd those Russian rebels in the Ukraine didn’t shoot down that airbus, they shot the wing attached to the airbus.

Also it was a Boeing triple seven :slight_smile:, small detail I suppose.

It’s cute we still do the thing where you take an amerosceptic stance and list things you think are equivalences, I take a defensive stance and go on how I think they’re wrong. We try and get each other goats, and then someone steps in to tell us to stop.

But lets jump to that last bit first this time around instead.


You two obviously have chemistry :grin:

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-insert reaction gif here, only found really weird kpop ones…

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