Friday night IL2

Well Mace and myself decided to give IL2 a throw, results were mixed :grin:
we decided to hop in a empty server as to not embarrass ourselves too much, we managed to pick a full realism, things did not go well.

my first landing attempt in the ju87, slightly too fast and a hanger got in the way

this was just after Mace took off, we think the white smoke is oil, but we pressed on with the attack.

the inevitable happened as Mace ran out of oil and turned the 87 into a glider

so we changed sides, thinking the Russian planes must be easier, I prove otherwise.

all in a fun night, but i think more practice is needed :grin:


As I said I think the lack of oil in German planes is a design fault… the gunner should have been filling it back up as it was runni…erm, as the engine design was failing. At least we got the Stuka in the air, the LaGG’s just didn’t want to know lol :smile:


Haha…that’s why on the limited times I do get online, I usually hop on a training server of some sort so that I don’t get blown up 60 seconds after I go through a ten minute start-up process… :rofl:


Apparently you need to keep the engine RPM below 2520 and the ATA at around 1.2 in the Stuka or the engine starts to take damage! I got pretty far then, and managed to destroy that ground target. Yes it was one of our ground units but that’s beside the point… Professionals forever!!! :smile:


we have to do this again … it was great fun … Professionals forever !!

i have started looking at the mission editor… so will also look at the server things


It was a great laugh :smile: although I think the Oberstleutnant wants a word with us…

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I dont think we did much for the german war effort … possibly even less for the russian, neither side would want us :grin:


what version of IL2 are you guys running? Ive never played it before and seen a whole bunch of versions for sale on Steam but dont know which one is the best for playing. The game looks like fun.

Hello @ethan10502 welcome to the site. :sunglasses:

At the moment BoS, which is what the screenshots in the first post are showing, is always the same version for everyone since you can’t opt out of the updates. IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 is the one with the buffet of versions.

You can get BoS from their store or from Steam.

1946 can be had from Good Old Games, Steam, or possibly Amazon if you still want the disc.


Check out Mission4Today and Special Aircraft Service if you buy either game.



Thank you Wheelsup for the reply and info. I will check it out!

I do recommend the AG52 (or was it 72?) Training Server. I used to fly there with a few guys from the Oculus forum. It’s usually a friendly place and people usually follow the house rules. It’s always got some guys showing themselves up (like us!) and some guys showing off, but it’s usually a good laugh.

They have areas where you can do PvP A/A and other areas for A/G with different types of targets and then areas where you can simply practise flying and combat is forbidden. I think they even have an aerobatics practise area. It’s all marked clearly on the map.

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