Frontier to develop a NEW game franchise

Googling some of the most well known franchise I spotted a couple of title that would really make my knees buckle…
Like Terminator,Die Hard,Terminator,Terminator,Matrix,Die Hard,Terminator,Robo Cop OR Terminator.

Just saying.

The only thing frontier should be making is xwing if they know what’s good for them


LOL! I wouldn’t mind- but by all means I really think anything they’re developing will not have, space, spaceships and/or Interplanetary exploration.

You don’t shoot your foot if you’re winning a race.

Counter Point:



EA detain savagely the IP so…

If knot that IP, then I would love to see them do Freespace 3.

I know it’s close to their current buttered bread, but I want them to focus on fighter sized craft launching off of carriers in a war with an Alien species. They are already skilled at the space combat part, Freespace 3 would provide the framework (not their best talent) to sharpen the games focus.

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Well, they signed a contract for developing a game based of a movie franchise- so unless I’m much mistaken, Freespace 3 isn’t one. :frowning:

Ah I didn’t see that it was a movie franchise. Firefly/Serenity?

Look, I’m not saying I wouldn’t simply ADORE a Firefly/Serenity game- but to be really really honest I don’t think they would really develop ANOTHER space game. :confused: Sadly.

Ok fine.


Not even: