Froogle plays some Star Citizen

Yet another game I own that I’ve never installed…grr…

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Same here. This and Elite!

Star citizen is a pretty expensive game to not have installed… eesh

Not being critical, but i think its safe to say you don’t need to play it yet. It really is so early on in its intended development that i would say you don’t need to feel bad about not playing it.

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Good idea actually. I tend to wait until products are a bit more developed so that I can experience the total “newness” factor. For instance, I have Arma 3, but have never played the single player campaign because it was being released in phases. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that the whole campaign is done now - so probably time to give it a whirl.

Same can be said for Kerbal Space Program - I was waiting for it to have the career mode enabled (and I think it has now)…so I should probably break out that program too…

Now - to find the time… sigh…


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I’m holding off on buying it as well. I think it has great potential but right now there’s just not enough to do to justify purchasing it.

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Same here. At least nothing else is on that list - I only own 5 current computer games. (Do I get a badge? Or a :star: ?)


Procrastinators - Leaders Of Tomorrow - HAHA

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