Fry's Closes all Stores Effective This Morning

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Why? We don’t have Fry’s here. But in NJ’s armpit (aka Paterson) there is a MicroCenter. It is busier now than ever. I fall into the same trap the rest of the shoppers fall into. I order online and show up to find everything nicely stacked, taped and ready to take home. But then I think, “Well so long as I am here why not…” It’s a pretty good business model.


I live in europe and not know before about Frys company, so, for curiosity i was checking his wiki page. So, when you see the Criticism paragraphs and add the fact that with covid quarantine and also common practices of buying hardware online by USA customers, Frys closing is nothing more than expected.
I feel sad about 1000s of good employees that are now without a job and bills to pay :frowning: I hope they get a solution asap

It wasn’t really COVID, they were sort of collapsing for a couple of years now. I use the one in Renton, WA and it used to be great. Massive store, a geeks paradise basically. Costco for nerds. Astronomy, computer games, music hifi, computer parts, toys, books, any sort of home appliance, electronics / maker parts - you name it.

It went bust due to mismanagement and not using their (too big) retail spaces with new online buying patterns (Bestbuy did better at this, they do a lot of order pickup), so the rot starting years back. Also, but not just this incident alone, here’s one Fry’s VP back in 2011 that embezzled $65 million -

Shame, as browsing Fry’s was always fun.


Yeah there is/was one here in Austin. Neat place to go kill time, but it was honestly far to big for what it was. I never once in almost 20 years saw more than half the registered staffed even on black friday. The cafe in the middle was a waste of space that almost no one ever used including staff.

The problem of faraonic too huge megastores! Here for that kind of stores are almost empty, in contrary the tiny small computer stores where also the prices are much cheaper have always clients and healthy.
The megastores are only good to make a walk and see what they have but that not make money to the owners. Also paying a bit more for a product comparing with competition requires better other offers (after sell services, better employees, ….) but sadly usually that not happens, you sometimes have shaddy treatment when something is broken (like +/- what is mentioned in Criticism on frys wiki page) and sometimes some arrogancy from employees not much will to help or hard to find one and the ping-pong game that he/she is not part of that specific store sector,…
Here that huge stores that sell pc products only survive (hardly) because they also sell tv, fridges, kitchen equipments etc, because for pc hardware they are usually too bad and a joke.

Brutal for the employees. :pensive:
We share a hangar with them. Their flight dept director is a good guy. He contracted with us pre-Covid when we had sick calls. Always enjoyed flying with him.

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