FS Charter

FS Charter for X-Plane.

“FSCharter is a new online platform that allows you to build your own virtual career in aviation. Purchase a Cessna 208 and fly tourists around the Maldives, hire a Challenger and fly wealthy businesspeople to and from meetings in Shanghai, or work your way up to owning and managing a fleet of A320s, complete with FBO and servicing facilities at an airport of your choice. With FSCharter, you decide.”

Looks like a new FS Economy-like. Free with upgrade premium features. Online only.


Beta soon. Some early screenshots:

Via reddit with the author answering questions.


I’ll be sticking with Air Hauler for a bit, but when the developer turned his back on XP-11, he left the door open for others . I can’t help but think that was a bit short sighted, but there you go.