FS2020 - East Anglia Grass Strips Tour

I finally started this long-planned tour last week, but was very disappointed to find that not one of my many attempted screenshots had actually been taken. I fly it in VR, but switch to the monitor for screenshots along the way - usually at least 3 for each leg and I flew the first 6 already.

So not the best start “AAR”-wise, but at least I finally got the tour kicked off and it has been really fun. Like when I did my FSX UK Farmstrip Tour back in 2012, I used a different aircraft for each leg - mostly so I could decide which one to use for most of the of the tour, but I’ve still not decided so will continue to swap about a bit and see. So far I used the Beaver, Cub, Husky, Chipmunk and Bulldog. If I had to choose one now it would be a toss-up between the Cub and Chipmunk, but I have a few strip specialists to try yet, so we’ll see.

In compensation, I’m uploading some screenshots from my test flights of the first few strips. I had hoped to use Niel Birch’s strips scenery packs (payware), but not only do they massively degrade performance in VR (due to every single item being a separate model in the sim, I’m told) but he got a few very obvious things wrong, which leads me to think there was little to no pre-release testing.
So I’m using the default scenery, which is plenty good enough for this tour.

Aliasing looks grim due to VR settings…


Is Marshland on msfs? 6ft below sea level


Yes indeed :wink:

iirc the bottom two are Marshland - have to confirm

*yes - confirmed


edit - deleted - wrong thread!