FSHUD: Anyone using it?

FSHud - Air Traffic Control Been using it for a week or so… And first I was impressed, but the more I use it, the more it feels kind of Rube-goldberg-esque…

Start the sim, start FShud, start FSLTL pull up simbrief, get into the FSHUD interface, pull up the FBW EFB…

Starts feeling like work, instead of fun?

Any serious flight simulator when you get too much serious it start to taste like a job instead of a hobby…

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Yeah, this is why I find it hard to get excited about the “career mode” in FS2024 :joy:

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Exactly, i like that features but 95% of my flights are out of them, specially the ones that obligate you to fly, like the AirHauler that you need to pay fees monthly even if you not fly and the grind is epic huge.

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