FSX Accu-Sim T-6 Texan/Harvard

Looks nice. For FSX/P3D at $49



I’ve been looking for a good new tailwheel to add to my collection.

I want to boot FSX, but I cant allow myself to be consumed, lol,

I sold off my FSX collection at a fraction of invested price years ago,

I bought the steam edition just in case… but havent had a reason to configure and run it.

Need a T6 in DCS…

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Yep, a T-6 in DCS would be nice.

Here’s some FSX video of the T-6G, it looks good:

Stop,… Must… Resist…

If RazBAM can Migrate to DCS as quickly as they did I dont see why other Studios are still spouting the same Anti ED/SDK Dribble (VRS being the main one).

it’s like seriously guys, you developed the F-18E, and an Entirely Self-Contained Weapons API,

And you’re afraid of DCS’s SDK Legal Agreement…

Oops, never saw this, just made a thread about it too, feel free to delete mine or combine :smile:


This one went under the radar for me, never even knew it was under development! but was always wondering what they would produce next. I’ve joined their forum now to keep tabs on things.

Bought the FSX ver a few hours ago on the strength of this company’s prior releases alone and also this video, hope to give it a good testing this weekend.

EDIT: My mistake, already a thread about this, please delete :smile:

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