FSX ATC Addon?

What, if any, ATC addon are you guys using for FSX?

Im looking for something so I can fly with sids/stars and all that jazz. I use the Level D 767 and the Aerosoft A318-A-321.

I have read that Radar Contact V4 is pretty good.

Im looking to be able to fly the plan I put in my FMC.


FSX IFR ATC will “allow” you to fly a SID. It doesn’t do STARs. The easiest thing to do s something I call a pseudo-IFR flight (pIFR).

Make your flight plan–SID and STAR–in your FMS and plug at least the SID to when you get on an airway (after that you can just enter the arrival airport), into the FSX Flight Planner. In the sim, get your clearance, squawk, etc. Take off, fly the SID and get to your cruising altitude.

Then cancel IFR and, once canceled, request flight following. Yes, real ATC would have a fit. FSX AYC just gives you a new squawk, keeps an eye on you and passes you to the next controller depending on location and altitude. Eventually it should pass you to your destination’s Arrival control

Fly the STAR and then just go to tower when on the published approach.

I use static real world weather and check the destination weather for probably Runway and applicable STAR. Still it is a good idea to check their ATIS when close enough–you might have to change STAR/Runway.

Is pIFR a good substitute? Eeeh. For me, I’ve got TrackIR and UT2 running in the background…on a computer I bought in 2013…so…I’d rather not add another background app. pIFR is “immersive” enough for me.


Hmmm that will work. Right now I have been doing vfr but if vfr wasn’t available I do ifr and file a direct path and then cancel my ifr on t/o. Then once I turn to final I radio to land. It works about half the time.

I will try your method though. It sounds like it would be perfect.

The only problem that can crop up is if your destination is IFR for weather. 2 choices: Change the weather or land without permission. Fortunately there is no virtual FAA.

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Ran into that the other night, Radioed ATC on final but they denied due to being IFR but it was to late. Luckily they vectored traffic away!!