FSX Douglas MD80

Anybody have this:


I really want an MD80, Honestly I want the MD80 for Xplane but Im not sure when it will come out.

Just wondering if anybody had experience with this product for FSX. Kinda torn, I want the 737nxg but at 80 usd it seems a bit steep in price. This seems like it could be a nice alternative to the 737.

Hi, I “flew” the MadDog predecessor, the DC-9 for MSFS2002 by the same designers (I think) and it was a good sim - very advanced for its time. The features list looks good for the Maddog, however I’d be a bit cautious about the FMS. They say “- Sid/star and navdata custom database.” They don’t say where the data is from - downloadable from Navigraph?

WRT the 737NGX (I assume PMDG) I do have that and it is outstanding. I’m seeing $70…at PCAviator on 10% Tuesday’s just over $60. That said, one could argue that it is a “Takeoff and Taxi” simulator since it’s powerful FMS and autopilot can fly the plane from just after takeoff through landing (at some airports) :wink:

Thanks! I think I will hold off on the Maddog. It seems like it is a good sim but might be dated. As for the 737 being a takeoff and taxi sim, I have been flying the Airbus bundle lately so…lol

At this point I might just wait to see if the Rotate MD80 for X plane comes out this month.

@weaponz248 - I saw a (really weird) promo today that stated the Rotate MD-80 would be out before Christmas…see below:

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Well well. Off to find some concrete evidance…

Well here it is via their website