FSX Flyinside VR with Leap Motion


I could picture a few sims working like this. Perhaps people’s future sim pits could just be wood blocks for something to grab, or maybe a haptic feedback glove?

Actually, Cougar MFDs placed in the exact right place would work great too.


Have you read “Ready Player One?” That immediately comes to mind, especially since you mentioned haptic gloves.


Absolutely - a great read:


I think we’re more headed for a Snowcrash future though, where Gargoyles wear this stuff outside and people end up living in Shipping Containers as Ninja’s too. :smile:


Both Carmack and Palmer have for years been saying that what they really want to do is build the Snowcrash ‘metaverse’ as soon as possible. It’s getting less of a joke as each year goes by…

Looks interesting and as Navy says, we’ll not need home cockpits in the future if VR really does become prime time.

This sort of interface could be the missing link we need for VR Flight sim.

I’ve heard that for peripherals, it really helps the feeling of being there (‘VR presence’) when what you see in 3D matches up with what your hands are doing in VR. I think that for racing games, if the driver’s eye view is showing a hands on wheel then having a physical wheel really helps. If you are just using a gamepad then there is less chance of feeling ‘in it’ so to speak.

It is interesting because for things like flight sim HOTAS’s units and something like DCS A10C we’re in a good place with a TM Warthog, but I guess it might be a bit weird to fly a Huey with it, and not have it between your legs. Ironically, maybe VR will spawn a whole bunch of ‘more like real-life’ physical peripherals?

This period is sort of like when the first smart phones came out, the ‘rules’ of what worked will get discovered over the next few years I guess.

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We’ll always need and want the basic physical real axis controllers like Stick.Throttle and Rudders (especially HOTAS ones) and naturally transparently used outside the VR Visor, but for high complex sims with click-able cockpits, this development makes sense.

If VR does take off as well as we hope, then perhaps one day we will see TM Warthog or even Saitek quality VR based peripherals to enhance the experience … I hope so.

I hate to seem bleak, but wanting to be realistic too, we are in a global recession and if even this new surge of VR makes it to viable prospects for more than just uber enthusiasts, it would be good, anything above would be icing on the cake.

Hope it all works out as planned.

BTW: Made the adjustment to using my TM Warthog stick central at start of this year, it was always going to be a compromise side or central but in the end after lots of ergonomically sound experiments I’ve found central and lowered with custom desk mount from MonsterTech in Germany works best for me, this is with a stick extension too.

The extra throw and central position threw me to start with, but before long and after some careful adjustments it was natural and much better for accuracy everywhere in all that I fly.

I think I’m going to have to get a LeapMotion for my Rift! it looks amazing (and no need to wear a glove).


I just pulled the trigger on the leapmotion sensor. :slight_smile: Now I just need the Rift and new PC to ship.

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So @BeachAV8R I’ve been enjoying Flyinside a lot, and now you are part of the Cult of VR :vr: and have had a look, what do you reckon is your most impressive FSX 3D pit in it?

I’m keen to buy a FSX new ride, but curious to see how you rank them with FlyInside?

Btw, if it ever says ‘Waiting for Simulation’ of the left display in VR, then it is wanting you to pick a flight from the desktop display on the right. Hit the ‘Large Desktop’ button and choose the usual FSX flight options and when ‘Fly’ is pressed it will switch to full VR in the cockpit. The framerate and stuff you can do in the cockpit is far better than just plain P3D support so far.

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Give me a few more days and I’ll come up with something. I haven’t actually managed to get it working in FSX:SE - I’m pretty much concentrating on P3D. I’ll be importing a lot of aircraft over the next week or so and hope to form some opinions. I can already tell there is a big difference between some aircraft that look good in 2D and those that really shine in 3D. For instance…I love the Carenado 185F for FSX…but it must be an earlier model because the panel looks great in 2D and even in a virtual cockpit, but in VR, you instantly notice that the panel is mostly painted on as opposed to being composed of 3D gauges with depth (like the bezel and needles inside). The same is true for the Razbam A-6 - there are 3D components that look good in VR…but it is a model that is many years old so it doesn’t feature the depth of gauge modeling that newer ones do.

So far, the Razbam Metro III has been the most impressive in P3D - it just looks stunning, but again, a bit fuzzy… Unfortunately I’ve got to work for the next few days…so my VR time will be limited…but next week I have a LOT of time off, so I’m hoping to get a bunch of time in.

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Sure you already saw this…but this is a good guide and so far seems to jibe with what I’ve experienced (Carenado 185F bad, Razbam Harrier very good):


I’m reading that FlyInside wiki now and am excited to try new settings tomorrow…I think I can significantly improve my clarity with some of the tips within (and I didn’t know about the binocular mode!). I think I can turn down some P3D setting and up my resolution and get a crisper presentation. Lot’s of experimenting on order tomorrow and in the days ahead. Gotta get back to hauling freight though!

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I’ll tell you what’s a fantastic a/c in VR, the Milviz Phantom F-4 E/J/S. These crappy screens captured from my Rift do not do it justice. The Iris Texan II B/C is great as well.


That phantom is a work of art.


Ooh, coming for Xplane. Short preview video:


Oh man…I can’t wait for that…