FSX: I'm not dead yet

Been a while since my last post or topic here at the MUDSPIKE Forums. For the longest time I’ve been looking for that ONE Flight Sim I could sit down, learn and play multiplayer. I used to fly Jane’s F/A 18 in the Hyper Lobby all the time. Then, 2003 happened and I found myself in the middle of OIF as a 43 year old civilian engine tech rep working for NAVAIR/NATEC. After returning home, it took a while to settle back into a routine. With Windoz “upgrading” and what-not, I no longer could fly the “friendly” skies of Crimea in Jane’s F/A 18 in the Hyper Lobby. My search for a stable flight sim was on. I tried the Strike Fighter series with no multiplayer :disappointed:. I tried the DCS series and have quite a few modules collecting dust. I keep both 1.5 and 2.0 updated, just in case, but there’s only so much you can do in two areas of the world. Still looking for a stable multi-player experience that I could fly anywhere in the world I looked (again) towards FSX w/Acceleration Pac and just a few pay (3) as well free (5) ad-dons, I’m now training with USNVA. I’m currently flying the T-6 Texan training at KNPA (NAS Pensacola). The group is a great bunch of guys and I’m learning a lot from them about not only the sim, but flying in general. So far, FSX is not dead, by any stretch of the imagination. Anywho, that’s where I’ve been and doing. If you feel inclined, and are looking for a group to join I’m not sorry I joined this one.