FSX Screenshots



Couple more military stuff in VR.

The fandabidozi Razbam Harrier GR9a cockpit:

MilViz F-100C Super Sabre VC (when I jumped in, I thought I was in the F-86 to start with…)

Looking back from the driver’s seat of the a51 AH-1S:


Did some Air Hauler data collecting today. I have made two military companies - one with ‘classics’ such as WWII fighters and so-on, based in PNG, and the other with post war to modern military aircraft based in Aerosoft’s Tahiti X islands.

First up is the Area 51 Kiowa - looks nice outside…

though the VC is a little disappointing…

Then I was keen to have the F27 in my modern company, but JF don’t provide any military paints with it, so I went looking and found half a dozen on AVSIM. This is one of them…

I’ll post some more shots when things get going. Looking forward to flying the Iris fleet - F-16D, F-14A/B and my current fave, the F-20 Tigershark.


…but that certainly changed when you lit the can!


some old ones


when I see your screens @EightBall I think I have different FSX (like older version or what) :slight_smile:


Started up the second military company in AH2 - based at Moro, AYMR, in Papua New Guinea.

This one will consist of classic military aircraft - almost all props - from the late 1930s through to the '60s.

Took the career mode cash instead of aircraft option and bought myself a nice Ryan Navion B. When I started up, I couldn’t find the scenery import, so kicked off without it - but on my very first flight, the type rating, I ended up starting in a field a few hundred yards outside the airfield boundary! Take-off was bumpy, but nothing outrageous:

Nice cockpit in this - I normally don’t like wooden panels etc, but it sort of suits this plane, which has very nice, clear gauges in VR

By the time the type rating heading and altitude tests were over, I was pretty much on approach to the base anyway (that expanse to the right of the trees bordering the airfield is where I started from)

Smooth touchdown…

…and parked up on the grass pan. Thankfully, this was recognised as part of the airfield - and I was able to find the necessary function and import the scenery after the flight.


Flying the fat albert over East Africa.

My comanche got dirty in BC

Landing the C-185 at 08ID (Boise area)


We coulda ran into each other!


I know, I’ve been following your progress with MAC :slight_smile:
I’ve been operating a small network in the area for more than a year.
I love the small bush strips in the Sawtooth National Forest (just a few nm north of Boise). U98, 55H, U45, ID86, etc
Unfortunately, I’m in a parallel universe (FSX & FSEconomy).

BTW, I was wondering if I could use the Mudspike name in FSE ?
I thought about creating a FSE group, MAD, Mudspike Air Delivery.
Maybe other Mudspiker’ are interested ?

Some more pics:

Landing a DC-3 at ID86 :sweat_smile:

Comanche over the mountains, British Columbia

Not the fatest, not the prettiest, not the most adapted to mountain flying, but damn, I love ma Twotter.
IMHO, one of the best looking cockpit for GA aircraft.

Someone on the FSEconomy forums said it was because wild fires were raging in Idaho. Nice depiction by ASN.


Feel free. Just remember though - if you crash and the news trucks roll up, the first thing you have to do (well, after pulling yourself from the wreckage and salvaging the liquor) is to paint over the company name or put a blanket over it…


Ahah, no problem :grin:

Thanks Beach!


I’m sorting through my collection of screens from over the years. I’m trying to sort them into a kind of library on my website - over 5,000 in total (so it’s going to take quite a while).

Picked out a few…

Some old Air Hauler ones…

In this one - all the aircraft on the pan are in my AH company :smiley:


For reasons that are frustrating to me…FSX-SE is not yet dead on my computer. I still require it for certain projects…


Is that Lord Howe?


It’s unreasonable that you knew that… :smile: You get around in that F-14…


And I can’t get it working with P3D v4…I moved the folder but it just doesn’t show up after I add the scenery area. I’m stumped…


near_blind interest set approved!

(and yes, I have landed an F-14 on it :smile: )