FSX Screenshots

2014-3-6_9-12-28-484 by Mark, on Flickr

2015-9-21_20-25-20-348 by Mark, on Flickr

104 in Stockholm
SkunkWorks104 by Mark, on Flickr

In real life this one should have “Handful” painted on the sides
2014-4-3_14-45-38-773 by Mark, on Flickr

2014-3-18_0-40-33-738 by Mark, on Flickr

2014-3-18_0-26-36-181 by Mark, on Flickr


These are old screenshots of my FSX install. I watched some tweak guides tonight. I think I will get P3D working again…

Nice shots!

(I hope you don’t mind I moved the post in the screenshots section)

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Thank You. I was wondering where to put these


Is that Cantaneo’s Goshawk? I got that
Aerosoft F-16? Got that too

The beautiful BUFF I don’t have. Probably takes a week of reading just to take off.

Dino Cattaneo makes really beautiful free FSX models.
Cockpits are… ok I guess. As far as FSX allows. I actually liked the F-35 and the Goshawk pretty much.

You are so right. And he does it all for FREE.

I got it running again! First step was to go here AviationPro's Prepar3D V3 Tweak & Settings Guide! [2016] - Achieve More Smoothness! - YouTube

I had to figure out what my Affinity Mask was for my Proc. One I set that in the Config file, I got a boost.
Then I used the videos advice and turned everything down as prescribed. My fps went from mid 20s to 150 plus. Now it was time to turn some things back up. Once I was satisfied with the looks and performance I locked the fps down with V Sync. I am now running at a solid 60 fps with pretty good settings. I had me a drink and called it a day. Tomorrow I will try to see how it looks on VR.
Milviz Hun, here I come!

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A few more recent screen shots, though I haven’t touched game in quite a while…


My P3D good time lasted all of two days. Had to uninstall again today. It began artifact after I put in a few addons. I will start from scratch. Darn it.

One of the rare moments when FSX.exe wasn’t crashing to desktop…


Oh FSX…never change…


Los Angeles to La Guardia non-stop in a turboprop? Yeah…we got this…


I saw FlySimWare is doing also Conquest, would be nice to see head to head comparison with Carenado…

CAALRAEBNEAODO (Carenado/Alabeo)

oh… with her sister :wink:

I wrote about it recently in PC Pilot magazine - but the Alabeo (sister company of Carenado) Conquest is really, really nice. The documentation is for crap (as usual for Carenado) - but the cockpit and flight dynamics are really nice. I love the old school autopilot - and the modern touches in the panel are great. Just a really nice aircraft to shoot approaches with (love that they have so many pop-up 2D panels)…


Ah…brings a tear to my eye…


I really like flying that in VR (the Alabeo Conquest) - along with the FSW one, too. The Flight 1 C441 is pants, though. I was so excited when I bought it on disc a few years back, then so disappointed when I flew it.
Alabeo is the anti-Flight1 :blush:

Iris PC-21:

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