FSX: SE Calibration Questions

This game is KILLING me. I can’t seem to get my Warthog to play nicely within the game.

No matter how much I deselect every other axis from every controller, half the time I’m still getting a wheel brake pedal that’s also an elevator axis.

In addition, I’ve run the calibration three times now, but my throttles aren’t matching up at power settings when they’re in the same position (in the in-game 737-800, left throttle in idle position is at 80% power, while the right is at 60%).

Anybody have any advice on how to fix these things, aside from just uninstalling? I’d prefer not to go the FSUIPC route if possible, since I’m not planning on putting much into this after the Christmas flight.

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It’s been a while, but if memory serves I had to turn up the Sensitivity settings for the axis that were not moving completely through the range of motion. I.E. the mixture and prop were only getting to ~ 80%. Look at Settings -> Controls -> Calibration tab -> Sensitivity. Move the sliders all the way to the right, or until your in game controls match your physical input.

Also, many users use FSUIPC for all things related to controls. Haven’t gone down that path.