FSX Steam Add-On Explosion

I haven’t looked at this in a while, and I know @BeachAV8R is busy with some new P3D toys rather than FSX, but surprised so see so much added under FSX Steam so quickly.

Are these all repackages of existing things or anything new?

We did a brief summary of what FSX Steam was here:

I think it is a mix of old and new. Some of the airplanes are payware under other titles that have probably been bought by Dovetail or similar and being offered. I assume they are going to aim for the Train Simulator model and really churn out a ton of content. It will be a hard sell for an FSX community that has had these types of add-ons for almost a decade…


I suppose the only (slim) advantage is that (a) they might get heavily discounted in Steam sales, if they are anything like the Railworks stuff and (b) sort of convenient / tempting in that ‘throw it in the library’ Emelda Marcos Shoe Shopping thing that Steam Store attitude sometimes brings in me. :smile:

I have noticed new addition to steam library - IRIS PC-9

Realy great looking plane. Does anyone have experience with it?
And can it be purchased directly from IRIS store and instaled to FSX steam? They have 50% off

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talking about wear and tear I have noticed also Flight1 does this

I behaved well this year so I gave my self a present, actually three :relaxed:

My precious!

Something with longer legs for the last part of my trip to Antarctica

…and REX Soft Coulds
No picture yet, as I realized that there are 16! sets of clouds textures to choose from. This is why I don’t like the various addons, I expected out of the box functionality - install and play, no tweaking! :sunglasses: