FSX: Steam Edition Freeware?

So, jumping on the Christmas Flight bandwagon, I’ve gone and reinstalled it on my system. So, I only played around with this a little bit, and I’m planning on going the X-plane route, so I don’t want to spend any money on additions for this if I don’t have to.

Anybody have any good advice on freeware planes, scenery, etc?

The x737-700 is really nice. There is a payware FMC for it, but I believe that it will work with the default XP11 FMC.


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I was flying SubLOGIC’s flight sims right from the start so here’s my attitude … FU Microsoft … FU Lockheed Martin … FU Dovetail Games.

Get a new start with X-Plane 11! :grin:

After spending an hour and a half fighting with controller configuration last night, I’m almost there.

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I’ve got lots of good freeware aircraft - what do you like to fly?

edit: I did this list for Dan - look at the bottom bit of the list - freeware aircraft - Most of those are good - some are outstanding.


If you want an airliner - the Lockheed Connies by CalClassic are brilliant, and the Airbus series by Tom are good, too.

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Lot of good looking freeware stuff can be found also here