FSX Steam Edition optimization tips?

Flight Sim Labs finally released Concorde X for FSX:SE but my performance is abysmal. FPS is fine, but the game is continually crashing to desktop. It might be a Concorde X bug, as I have no other addons installed (except for the required Civa INS), but I’m wondering if I need to do the same fsx.cfg tweaking I did for the boxed version, or if I should expect robust performance with a vanilla FSX:SE install.

I’ve never edited my FSXSE cfg and don’t think I’ve ever had an app crash (not that I remember anyway). Performance was fine, in that I didn’t bring up a FPS monitor which probably means I didn’t notice it being slow.

EDIT: I haven’t played since the last update, and there are people saying it has become crashy…

I’ve not had any real problems apart from getting it (FSX SE Steam) installed and running on one Win 10 machine here, it installed and ran from the get go on two other Win 10 PC’s, one is dual boot Win 10 and Win 7 with a normal FSX Acceleration on Win 7, all separate drives inc the OS’s and no problems whatsoever.

The problem with the first time on the Win10 troublesome machine was that I found I needed to install an older version of DX9, FSX Steam would install OK, just not run) … honest, that was what seemed to do the trick for me and it was a suggestion I saw on the Steam forums, directx_mar2009_redist is the file name if anyone needs to google it, the latest ver is June the same year I think, but it apparently has something missing that the march version has, there were quite a few messages on Steam regarding Win10 problems and even Dovetail were not sure.

When I tried FSX Steam on my two newer up to date hardware Win10 PC’s there was no problem, but I installed that older version of directx from march 2009 for insurance because it cant hurt … very odd one, all three vers of Win10 pro 64 were exact same, perhaps natural Win10 updates took care of things? I don’t know, Win10 was still a bit raw when I first tried FSX Steam. So you might not need to use that older version of DX9 assuming modern Win 10 updates took care of it.

As regards the FSX Steam.cfg … I dont think you need to do much to it, I’ve looked at it and the only obvious thing I changed was the line under [Display] from “WideViewAspect=False” to “WideViewAspect=True” for my widescreen monitor, FSX Steam apparently sorts out your CPU affinity too and pretty much everything else … Honestly, it was getting quite complicated tuning original FSX for a while, what the new compiling Dovetail have done with FSX Steam is quite remarkable really for performance.

There are still obvious tweaks you can do though, like losing the braking text on screen ETC, but nothing like the hours of hours of work you would need to do with old FSX while going back and forth to make sure you never broke anything :slight_smile:

Apart from that I use an Nvidia Inspector setting I’ve used for years that I’ve gleaned from the Nick Needham days and also from Kosta too, you really do not need to do the hardcore tweaking like we did with vanilla FSX/Acelleration for good results now in FSX Steam … can pass on my Nvidia Inspector profile and basic settings in FSX Steam for those that want them.

I don’t think there has been an update for FSX Steam for a long time now? and what we have is what we get while we wait for the newer Dovetail sims, I find it very very stable myself.

Interesting to see Concorde X is out for FSX Steam, I mostly fly light A2A GA stuff, but Concorde was magnificent and I heard this was a really good add on back then, might give it a go myself.

Einstien EP, just a thought, what is your PC spec?

Also, not tried Concorde X Steam yet, never tried it on Vanilla FSX either, so not sure if the original had problems or not, is anyone mentioning this on the steam forums for this add on?

Assuming everything else works fine on your FSX SE, maybe it is the Concorde X add on? From what
I do remember of it it was quite demanding.

this is also my solution, no FPS monitors = no FPS problems :smile:

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I’ve got Win7-64 running on a 3.07GHz 950 with 18GB of RAM with an nVidia 770 graphics card pushing two monitors. I’m pretty confident it’s not the setup as I’ve had the FSX boxed version of Concorde X running just fine for a while, even with addons like a Heathrow airport, Orbx ground textures, Rex soft clouds, etc. In fact, that installation still works ok, it’s the FSX:SE setup that keeps tanking.

I’m currently chalking it up to an installation issue with Concorde X. After installing Concorde, I can still play the other aircraft without issues, but when I load up Concorde, the game crashes on load, or while switching views, or bringing up a panel, etc. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times, no joy. Going to go do something else for a while and come back to this.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of getting Flight Sim Labs’ Concorde X, I’d recommend against it. It’s just too unstable and buggy for the price they’re asking, IMHO.

Sorry to hear of your problems of Concorde X, that style of flying is not really my style but was prepared to give it a go because it was such a classic aircraft, but I’ll heed your warning on this one, hope you enjoy FSX SE while we wait to see what Dovetail bring this year.

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Ahm… Hey, I suddenly have the need to launch the Steam version of FSX… for… stuff.
Who plays that Steam version?

Any tips to have it working kind of nicely?
I have Windows 7, Nvidia 780Ti and 8 GB of RAM.

I was afraid of this silence. I asked almost exact same question sometime in the past and no answer also.

I fly FSX SE but it doesnt looks so good on my monitor either.

I did try for example to force antialiasing from Nvidia panel without any success.

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Heh… people around here are insensitive elitists anyway.
Pffft… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Entire hundreds-posts long threads about their FSX flights here and there but as soon as a noob asks anything about how they set the thing up…
*poof * everyone’s gone…

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I play FSX:SE, I would highly recommend DX10 fixer.
It fixes several issues with the DirectX10 mode in FSX. Also helps with the performance.
Beside that I haven’t made any special changes to my install regarding optimization, FSX:SE is much more stable than it’s boxed counterpart.


I just use the DX9 version, and pretty much didn’t know how to answer this topic as the FSX-SE config sort of comes out of the box optimized. It looks a bit ugly. :slight_smile: There is a good site explaining what the various settings do though, but a lot of them are applied to the FSX-SE.cfg already:

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Thaaanks! I knew a little insult would have pushed the good guys out.

I’m actually glad you guys helped. Thanks!

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