[email protected] Balkan theatre

We have many things on our To-Do list for 2017, one of which is the Balkan theatre. Those of you who have flown over the Balkans in Falcon know how this area is complex and interesting due to its unique landscape. Therefore, last year, we thought “That could be good if…” and well…here we are! This theatre is currently in development and I have a good hope that we will be able to release it during spring. For free of course!

We are optimizing it to work with defaut sceneries but also with ORBX products or such addons because they enhance the quality of the sim. Here are a few screenshots of the work on the theatre so far. :wink:

Koprivnica Power Plant (on the left) and Factory (on the right).

Somewhere in Croatia

This time in winter

This time in FSX

Pula airbase

Pula airbase in P3D with ORBX

Pula airbase in P3D vanilla

Pula airbase in FSX vanilla


Short video illustrating the forthcoming [email protected] Balkan theater. [email protected]’s Balkan theater will populate Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Monténégro, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania with hundreds of strategic sites (airbases, factories, powerplants, army bases, radar stations,…) that you can destroy with FSX weapons (TacPack, CSWeapons Pack, vACMI or even free weapon packs). This video shows a few of them nicely integrated in ORBX Europe landclass suroundings. The theater will be FSX and P3D compatible, with or without scenery addons.