[email protected] Southeast Asia theatre released!

The Southeast Asia pack is a new major extension for [email protected] covering Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

Most airports and lima sites have been realistically modelized according to historical data to reproduce their unique 70s look along with plenty of other strategic sites such as bridges, harbours, factories, army camps,… All in all, more than 50 detailled airbases are part of this pack and every single strategic site can be destroyed with any [email protected] waeapons!

A campaign composed with 8 complex CCP missions is also provided. They are focused on Lima Site 85 events and they are definitely quite challenging! Moreover you are not tied to a single aircraft, you can choose between different aircrafts to fly a given mission, which will make you assume another role each time. If you fly a mission in an F-4, you are not going to face the same challenge than in A-7 and most of the time you are not even going to get the same task.

At the moment, North Vietnam and Laos have maximal coverage and we plan to improve other countries as time pass with more airports, more strategic site and more missions. Consider this SEA pack as an initial build because looking at the quantity of 3rd-gen TacPack-powered aircrafts, while FSX/P3D being the only simulators where you can fly over the Southeast Asia battlefields, we are definitely going to keep on developing some more content!

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Before you start,you should read the read-me file, which contains the required informations to install and to use the pack properly.

Enjoy ! :wink: