Future DCS Modules End Game - Are We Done?

Just thinking about future DCS modules and it occurred to me a lot of the ‘big ones’ are now out in some form or another. The big constraint in all this is security and reluctance of nation states to want things like post 1990’s electronic warfare in the public domain. Russia doesn’t seem keen on Eagle Dynamics doing MiG or SU family updates especially. On the US side, the F-35 seems to be a no-go so far, and the F-22 a very distant dream.

I think there will always be aircraft or helos to make but they might be more niche or older types. With the A-10C, F-16, F/A-18 and now the AH-64D Apache, what are the ‘big sellers’ left that are possible to do? While we might all like a rare T-41D, from DCS’s perspective I wonder where the big sellers are going to come from?

Looking at the US inventory here - List of active United States military aircraft - Wikipedia it seems maybe a few of these?

C-130 Hercules, or maybe the J Ghostrider? Tactical airlift isn’t a lot of fun for the masses, but it could be a good module? The heavy lifters like the C-5 and C-17 sort of have a similar issue for fun gameplay for the masses.

The bombers like the B-1B, B-2A seem like a security nightmare, plus the maps would have to be bigger? The mission profile is often not so fun either.

CV-22 / MV-22B Osprey. I can see them doing this. I don’t know how much is restricted tech, but it’s an unusual airframe and would fit within DCS even if a bit logisticy.

The E-3 and up to E-8 series. I can’t really picture it (heh) just because of the nature of the electronic warfare. I suppose it could be a way to move forward a dynamic campaign, like a ‘Combined Arms’ station where you Command and Control in a different role?

How about drones? I know they aren’t a good fit, but a module for a MQ-9 Reaper would fit the battlefield.

On the Army side of things maybe the UH-60 Black Hawk is the no-brainer. That seems likely as the next helo? The CH-47 Chinook would also be a popular module I think?

Perhaps an F-35 ‘lite’ as more exports happen?

What’s the next obvious couple of big seller modules for DCS? Would it be better if they targeted an era like the 80’s or 70’s and filled out the classics from that instead?


Just off the top of my head and paying no attention whatsoever to available maps or usability in the current form of DCS or been announced for the future

F4 Phantom
EE Lightning
Mirage f1
F101 voodoo
A1 skyraider


Mirage III


I wish they’d think back into history for their next “big one”. At some point, the Phantom will be made. Along with the A-6, A-7 and F-8. But these are still 2+ years away.
Why not move into the Korean era? F-80, F-84, F9F, T-33, A-1, T-28, etc…
From a development standpoint, an analogue gauge has got to be an easier bit to program. No tech tree to map. And the overall aircraft, a faster release. The 5th Gen stuff is of no interest to me.

The points you’ve made; the UH-60 and H-47 are high on the want lists I’ve seen. ED just doesnt seem interested in them. Maybe they’re finally realizing they’ve got too many high tech irons on the fire.
And the few reliable 3rd parties, are already deep into their own releases.



I can think of loads that I want. That wouldn’t appeal to anyone but me and about 5 other people. For example, I think I’m the only one on here still playing with the herc.

But for the list in my first post I really tried to think of genuine “popular” planes.

I forgot the A-6. Sorry :it:


I’ve somewhat given up on the Phantom. It’s been rumored for years with nothing to show. Stating the obvious, but a Vietnam/Laos/Thailand map, say from DaNang North to Haiphong would get a lot of mileage.

On the other hand, an F/A-18F Superbug would keep us plenty busy with the assets we either have now, or are in the pipeline.


I think there are lots to do, it’s more what ones would be as popular as the Falcon and the Hornet?

The Tornado, Phantom and Intruder would sell pretty well, but not sure if they are ‘Tier 1’ sellers?

I think the Typhoon is a bit of an odd one, as you’d think more stuff on it was secret? I guess we’ll find out.

One thing that I’m retrospectively surprised about is that ED gave away the F-15 as a 3rd party. In some ways the Eagle would be a huge seller, similar to the others?

I suppose we could be looking at a Hornet 2 in a couple of years, as the platform evolves?


I think this is key.

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I was okay with A-10C II, so future paid revisions of the F/A-18C and F-16C is fine with me.

Mind you, I would be ok with a F-35 Lightning II that was a bit vague on some of the EW side of things as well. I’m not sure how many of the general DCS community would be ok with that though. They could even sell the 3 variants separately, and start with the A.

I guess the lack of era theming (outside of WWII) is because it is too much of a commitment to do all the essentials of a Korea for example, and there were easier modules to sell first? The era problem is that it requires too much to be done at once for too small a niche market?

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I can’t say 5th gen or even 4+ stuff like the superbug interest me much. I own a Jeff, but have about fifteen minutes on it. I just rather fly something more historical, from a time when fighter pilots had mustaches, ego’s and party suits.

So give me a 106. A mirage III. A phantom and a Lightning.


I’d like to see a good ATC module.

I’d like to see (close to a module) a scenario generator. Not a campaign, but a battle generator where I select the engagement and AI sets up the other side.

I’d like to see more interaction with ground troops.

I’d like to see…what schurem mentioned too.


I’ve never been that into the phantom to be honest but I still agree this plane set is amazing

I never really thought that people didn’t come from the Flanker and then the Warthog for the DCS experience over the years, but you’re right - it’s possible to just play < Gen 4 and be happy.

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I can’t remember if the chat about the Dynamic Campaign new bits were ever talked about as a module or just as an extension to base DCS World. I can see it as a paid module if they are putting a lot of effort into developing it.

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I’ve been following their progress on the campaign generator, but I’m thinking of something smaller. Maybe more manageable (and possibly seen in my lifetime).

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Remember how the Aces series did Quick Missions?

It had a screen that had this sort of text on it:

There I was in my [.P-51D] and my [.three] wingmen over [.Nijmegen]. The weather was [.fine] on this [.summer] [.morning]. Then suddenly [.in front of us] we spotted the enemy flying [.towards us]. They were [.four] [.Me-109G6] and [.nothing else]… {{Fly}}

The bits in brackets were clickable and foldout menus allowing you to customise the scenario.

It did the same as the Il-2 QMB, but in a way cooler fashion. I want that for DCS.


Rooting for the F-111…


Personally I’d like see development time move more into the WORLD part of DCS instead of more modules. I own most of the released modules and I find myself constantly bouncing around from one to another and not ever becoming an expert or even decent in any of them. I almost wish ED would focus entirely on developing the core sim and let the 3rd parties produce aircraft modules.

There’s so much work to be done on AI, ATC, performance, VR, new maps, static objects, vehicles, weather, etc. I’m at the point where I’d gladly pay for these kinds of things then another module. Of course they are working on all of this but progress is very slow.


I’d like this.
It would mean leaving the sandbox and return to the study sim format, but I’d like a DCS:Battle of Britain, DCS:MiG Alley and DCS:’Nam study sims, each with their own appropriate terrain and selection of aircraft.
I think DCS is its own worst enemy in that creating content means playing constant catch up with the DCS core software. If they started making era study sims, they could lock that era to a certain DCS version. We would lose the sandbox options as newer DCS versions would not maintain compatibility with older content. But honestly, how often to you pit the Fw-190 against the Hornet?

Interesting post, BTW.
I think the future of DCS relies heavily on external developers. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many and they’re not that productive. But they seem to be enthusiastic about their modules.


Yep. TK’s sims at DCS level.

And you forgot a WWII pacific sim.