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I have an unreasonable desire to pick up this CeraSim Bell 222 for P3D v4. I think it is a rework of their old model to make it P3D v4 compatible, so I don’t expect all that much from it…and at just shy of $17, I wouldn’t cry in my soup if it were horrible.

BUT…I have a hard time thinking I’ll like a FSX/P3D flight model helicopter, no matter how good the systems are, considering how much I enjoy DCS and X-Plane helo flight models.

I’ll see if @smokinhole owns it and let him talk me out of it. If anyone else has any opinions on it…fire away…


Que Airwolf theme tune… :smiley:


Baja: Edge of Control HD is a scream. We just played 3-player split screen and it was fantastic… Good purchase!


I don’t have P3D unfortunately. I’d love to have a good one for X-Plane. I’d really like a Dreamfoil-level Linx.


I think you wraped it up quite nicely. If you seek great model system wise and ’ ok ’ model flight dynamics wise then P3D helicopters are good choice.

Anyway what is the point of having perfect flight dynamics in deskop sim for desktop user ?
If desktop user want to mainly normaly fly the bird and not to train energency procedures or the like then standard P3D flight dynamics are perfectly ok imo.


Are they fun enough, though? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s the dynamic feeling of flight and really needing to constantly fly the helicopter that make me rack up the hours in the Huey…when it comes to helos, that’s not an area I’d want to compromise in.

But then again, new interesting module, ability to fly it anywhere in the world rather than just 3 maps…I can see the attraction!

Helicopters..they are fun

Yep…good points by all. I’ve never really thought too much about how much I value the procedures and systems depth vs. the actual feeling of flight fidelity. With X-Plane, I can usually get both. With FSX/P3D, it tends to be a little more weighted toward the button pushing and enjoying moving around the cockpit and bringing things to life. Hmm…I’ll sit on that Bell 222 today and look around at some online review of it. Our company used to operate them for the hospital. I always enjoyed hearing the thump-thump-thump of that two bladed 222 coming to the ramp.

Cera Sim 222B

Looks like VR underwater ‘aaah’ simulator The Blu is free at the Microsoft Store for WMR:

Not sure why it’s free, it’s usually $10 on Steam. A great intro for putting someone new in VR as it mainly involves just looking at fish. Cool though.


Yeah…I have The Blu for the Rift and people always enjoy that whale scene.


Carenado 50% off sale at some outlets to include SimMarket and FS-Shop (I would order through SimMarket because in the past, FS-Shop links expire and they charge some sort of download reactivation fee…ridiculous…). Some of their more recent offerings aren’t included in the sale. I had quite a few old XP10 planes that I needed updating to XP11…so I bit the bullet on that.



They are up at too… :sunglasses:

The usual warning… make sure you are buying the XP11 version of these aircraft. If it doesn’t explicitly state that the aircraft is compatible with XP11, then it most likely is the XP10 version.


Most definitely - and you can use this chart to determine what “level of fidelity” you are going to get. Some planes are XP10, some are XP10 that work in XP11, and some are native XP11, and some are XP11 with even more features. For instance, I bought the Baron 58 for XP10 just now because I had reasonably good assurances that it would work fine in XP11 (it does). Just don’t expect all the bells and whistles of an XP11 version (like some of those surface reflection textures and stuff…)


Dammit. Skymaster. I hate you guys. I don’t care what level of compat it is…


Good choice. I have that version (I think it is an XP10 version) and I’m pretty sure it worked fine in XP11. I love the old school cockpit in that one and the sounds are really cool…


It’s in my shopping basket too, if that is any consolation. I’m also tempted by the XP11 version of the Caravan and also the Beechcraft 1900. Decisions, decisions. :thinking:


We are all buying these XP11 versions of aircraft. XP12 will probably drop Christmas Eve. :rofl:


I’m considering that Phenom 100…I’ve always thought the 100 and 300 were pretty nice looking aircraft in real life.


The Carenado sale is tempting, I’m still annoyed that they refused to update all the XP10 planes I had bought from them, but from that helpful chart posted it seems they invested some work and time to convert them to XP11 and so I don’t mind paying the 50% off price for that work, the only thing is I don’t see any of them listed as VR ready… have you guys tried any of their XP11 ones in VR? does it not work in VR or just no touch controls?

Also is there any current faves you guys have of the XP11 versions on sale? I’ve had my eye on the Aero Commander 500S and PA34 Seneca V but both look like XP10/XP11 conversions and I would plan to use them in VR if possible.

Thanks in advance, I probably don’t need more planes, but I’m just getting back to simming now that winter is here and I’m back indoors and a new toy to fly would be fun.






You rock dude. You just made my day!