Game Levels

Not really a game, but a nice web game level viewer. The nostalgia is high with this one, plus amazing what they can do with just a web browser nowadays.


This is really, really cool.

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PaleMoon must not be a compatible browser. All I get is a blank page.


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Nor Safari / iOS

Blank screen on my Win laptop as well (Edge).

Works in Chrome.

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…at this point I should probably generate some type of Star Wars meme about going to the Dark Side (meaning Chrome and Google)…but I don’t know how…in fact I only learned what a meme was last week…so I ask you to imagine that I did, get a hearty chuckle out of it, hit the little “like jet”, and move on…there is a new thread about 3D Printed Hat Switches that looks promising. :grin:

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cool, works just fine on Avast Secure Browser