Games you can play with one hand?


So, being effectively one handed for the next few weeks, I’m looking for suggestions for games I can play.

I have found KSP to be doable. Any others I should give a try?


A game you can play with one hand…


Pocket pool?


Thread title…

I’d say turn based strategy game would probably be the best. Like Civilization.


LOL, you guys know exactly what I meant.

Yes, turn based strategy would work. and I guess a slower paced RTS such as CMANO would be do-able too.


Silent hunter series. Submarines and everything is controlled by a mouse click. Also the Company of heroes franchise is good for mouse or keyboard shortcuts

with the Blitzkrieg mod is awesome


Hexcells is a great little puzzle game that has kept me entertained for hours and all works with the mouse!


Oh, some others:

Deponia series
Calm Down Stalin
Papers, Please


Civ 4 or 5 hands down for me…but Offworld Trading Company is a different take on a RTS and I got quite a lot of fun out of it for a little while. Dominate Mars but instead of direct war, it’s business / resource control themed.


Didn’t you read? he has ONE hand. So… hand down.


Dude! Seriously! Phrasing!


Thanks for all the great suggestions!


Post of the year.


Factorio? Get hooked on that and you won’t need any other games.


Doorkickers! Plan and execute an entire SWAT-style takedown with one hand!


I forgot all about Door Kickers… great game too!


CMANO is easily played with the mouse and worth the time investment


I’m certainly going to have to spend some some with CMANO then. :dizzy_face:


In Italian is funny, because MANO is hand- singular. The C is silent.


Sakura Swim Club can be played with one hand.
That’s necessary for that type of game…