Games you can play with one hand?

So, being effectively one handed for the next few weeks, I’m looking for suggestions for games I can play.

I have found KSP to be doable. Any others I should give a try?

A game you can play with one hand…


Pocket pool?

Thread title…

I’d say turn based strategy game would probably be the best. Like Civilization.


LOL, you guys know exactly what I meant.

Yes, turn based strategy would work. and I guess a slower paced RTS such as CMANO would be do-able too.

Silent hunter series. Submarines and everything is controlled by a mouse click. Also the Company of heroes franchise is good for mouse or keyboard shortcuts

with the Blitzkrieg mod is awesome

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Hexcells is a great little puzzle game that has kept me entertained for hours and all works with the mouse!

Oh, some others:

Deponia series
Calm Down Stalin
Papers, Please

Civ 4 or 5 hands down for me…but Offworld Trading Company is a different take on a RTS and I got quite a lot of fun out of it for a little while. Dominate Mars but instead of direct war, it’s business / resource control themed.

Didn’t you read? he has ONE hand. So… hand down.


Dude! Seriously! Phrasing!

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Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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Post of the year.

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Factorio? Get hooked on that and you won’t need any other games.

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Doorkickers! Plan and execute an entire SWAT-style takedown with one hand!

I forgot all about Door Kickers… great game too!

CMANO is easily played with the mouse and worth the time investment

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I’m certainly going to have to spend some some with CMANO then. :dizzy_face:

In Italian is funny, because MANO is hand- singular. The C is silent.

Sakura Swim Club can be played with one hand.
That’s necessary for that type of game…