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You didn’t even know you needed these!


Wow! That is … a stretch for the marketing team. They may be wondering just how many they can sell if they rebrand a ‘lite sneaker’ as a gaming sock. I am curious how many they will sell.

Actually, all us sim pilots should use them!

Socks grab up dust, dirt and pet hair and then deposit it on our beloved rudder pedals. Using a rubber-soled shoe-like “sock” like this would help keep our pedals clean and improve their longevity.

Really, they are an investment!


^^I actually was thinking the same thing - and their motorsports shoes are at around the same price point anyway, so there’s that…

Yea I wrote that with a balance of sarcasm and truth. My Saitek pro-flights get pretty dirty from that kind of debris, and a lightweight set of indoor shoes may help out.

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My wife is a master tailor (certified) and I can get stuff like that done directly & tailored to my feet!
Uhm… :thinking: maybe I could start my store?


Oh, I had my tongue slightly in my cheek there too, but I may also currently have six pairs of Pumas of various colors and styles in my closet, so…


What game?! I hope WoW, I need some 32 slot bags I haven’t leveled my tailoring yet. :rofl:

That’s pretty awesome - you should get her onboard and buy a domain like “simshoes(dot)com”.

I mainly just use my Merrell hiking shoes for everything. As a kid I would wreck anything else before I grew out of them, except Saucony which I wore before finding Merrell.

I also sent the link to my friend and said we should get some. :+1:

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Wrestling shoes, but for gamers!

They’re also trying to sell this in conjunction with a Puma playseat gaming chair.

right at the top of their innovations :stuck_out_tongue:

Call them ‘tactical’ shoes and socks and sell a bundle of them!


they look more like knock off racing shoes

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First thought - Call of Duty 4