Gaming PC Builders-Your Recomendations

Anyone have recommendations for builders of gaming desktops? I’m starting to pull information together for when I will be ready to take the plunge. Since I live in the U.S., I"m looking for builders which ship within the U.S…

And before I get the question; “no,” I"m not interested in building my own. :wink:

Thanks in advance.



(deletes huge post ignoring your request) :wink:

I would find a local shop near you and see how their prices compare to the bigger, well-known custom PC builders. It would be great to see some examples in a physical shop of what they’ve done rather than pure mail order. Some common custom builders I’ve not used by have at least heard of:

High-end stuff, painty but been around for a long time:

Pretty much the definition of custom builder.

At the very least, with what they quote you, put into something like this - to get an ideal of the mark-up:

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Thank you fearless. I’ve heard of one of those you mention and they were good things. This will help in my research.

Does anyone have any experience with Jetline systems (who sponsor Froogle’s weekly show) ??

I’ve seen their sponsorship of his weekly show. I thought though that he had an Origin PC system? Curious to the answers to your question as well.

Biggest question is what is your budget/goals?

$2000 can get you a turnkey system with i7-8700k, 1080ti, and 16gb ram. This system will pretty much destroy any game out right now.

I would recommend Micro Center. They have great prices and sell complete systems as well.

For $1200 you can basically the same setup as above but with a 1070. That’s a great deal IMO, and the 1070 with 16gb eats DCS for lunch.

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Thank you gents. Plenty to chew on here.

Well I finally pulled the trigger today on a new gaming system. Should arrive at my home in a little over two weeks. Feels good. Will be able to play DCS in all it glory. Thanks to all with the advice and suggestions, here and in private.