Ghosts of Tabor (VR)

This is incredible. I discovered it last night, and played for several hours with a buddy. It’s Escape from Tarkov in VR (I’ve never played, so I relate it to games I have first hand experience of, see below), and the gunplay is very well done.
It’s very in-depth in terms of gear, pretty much to the level of Ground Branch, with gameplay that reminds me of PUBG in the early days. If anyone here is on the fence, it’s cheap enough to give it a try, and the $15 DLC gives you a pretty good leg up too.

If anyone does play it, feel free to give me an add in-game, WARPIG47 is my handle. Steam and Oculus can both cross-play seamlessly, although if you have a Q3, I would definitely buy on the headset store so you can play both PCVR and Q3 standalone.

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