Giving Away Gift Code (Good I hope) for IL2 BOS Premium

A couple of years ago I bought what I thought was an upgrade to the Premium version of my existing Standard IL2. I am guessing that it still works but make no promises. Anyway, it’s free to the taker so why not try.

The only stipulations are that the recipient be geniuinely interested in playing and not just a curious tire-kicker. And, because its better to expose someone new to the game rather than just fund a current player’s expansion, this must be your first IL2 module. (Working on the honor system here). First reply wins! (Must be a registered forum member)


Hi Smokinhole,

I am very interested in this. I love the WW2 planes and flew IL-2 1946 a ton but I don’t have any of the new IL-2 modules.

Will do more than kick the tires I promise!


Funny, I’ve booted my copy of IL2:BOS only a few instances and every time I’ve thought “You know, this would be a heck of a lot better with a wingman…” :smiley:


I realized I didn’t originally hit the reply button - Technicalities! Replying!


It only shows/marks it as a ‘reply’ if you’re not the next one down in the topic, otherwise it’s a reply by default and all the reply buttons do the same. :slight_smile:

@smokinhole Very generous of you, so thanks for offering it here.

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Just landed. Tankerwade, I will get the code to you when I get home (fingers crossed)

Sounds great Smokin, I am excited to fly the 109 F-4!

PM sent.