Glasses Upgrade

So this isn’t about what we all typically are thinking of with hardware. It’s about my glasses, and how the nose pads were wearing out.

My Oakley socket 5.5’s nose pads are composed of two parts, the “adapter” and the pad itself. The little plastic “adapters” decided that during COVID is a great time to start breaking and loosing firm grip on the pad so I needed replacements.

Deciding not to go to the store, I found some on Amazon that are a slightly different shape and they ended up making a big difference for me with TrackIR. Being a smaller lens frame, there are times where with TIR I am looking around the lens rather than through it while at the same time having monitor distance just outside my focal length.

It just so happened that these new feet keep my glasses perched a bit higher on my nose close to my eyes without having to pinch my nose by pushing the “arms” inward. Lenses closer to eyes, less room to look around them!

Yes, I know VR would be better but I need a next-gen GPU before I jump into that!


Having a good pair of glasses is such a bliss. Especially if you‘re like me and only take them off for sleep and activities that involve large amounts of water.

Thanks for sharing, I would never had the idea to order such parts.