GLOC? Auto-recovery saves pilot

Pretty harrowing stuff…


That speed tape…

For a sequel though Sully 2 was a bit shorter than I’d like, but good he is ok again. :wink:


Found myself breathing as heavily as the pilot, watching the ground approach 600+ knots…
Phew! Glad there’s auto-recovery on these things.

Key things on the gloc, you can tell by the instantaneous Relaxed breathing, and immediate reduction to 1g as he relaxes stick pressure

He went supersonic didn’t he? That was Mach # under the speed (?)

that he did, also the computer pulled 9 G’s getting him out of that. Impressive.

:grimacing: Glad that had a positive ending.

he helped recover the jet, I think it can only pull like 5 or so when recovering, he came to and continued the pull. I’ve seen some pretty gnarly ones where the pilot blacks out, comes to 90 degrees nose low and pulls 9 Gs for like 10 seconds, not g-straining at all to recover, adrenaline keeping him conscious. This one was terrifying but not that level. I’m a fan of that system on the Lawn dart, it does have a problem with G-Locs.

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Is it simulated in BMS?

Where can you see current G-load in the HUD? It’s only max G below speed tape, right?

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Being “Declassified” I’m afraid it’s real stuff.

Yes the video is real. I mean, is the auto-recovery simulated in BMS?

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Damn @miRage, I feel stupid. I’m really sorry.
Yeah- reading back your message it was pretty clear.

Back on topic, I don’t know so… I should probably leave. :wink:

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Current G is displayed above the airspeed tape.

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It’s a fairly new feature I think.

Didn’t some guys in the F-16 community make fun of the Hornet because of the spin recovery function?
I wonder how they think about that feature now.

I wonder what justification they would use. The F-16 doesn’t give you enough of the envelope to even come close to a spin. It’s like an Airbus. The F-18 allows the pilot all the freedom to hang himself he wants (except g). The F-16 just says, “No I’m not going to let you do that…No I’m not going to let you do that either. ‘Go back and play golf?’ Yes! approved!”

It looks like my next airplane will be fly by wire with a side stick controller. It’s going to feel weird to start with I’m sure. I don’t think it will have automatic G-Loc recovery though :wink: .

There’s a few buttons to fix that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which type?

Global 7000

It will be a few years before delivery though.