Go Indians!

Beaten up rotation but here goes nothing! Down with the Red Sox!

I’m not a huge baseball fan but dang this has been a good season! Nice to see some different teams on fire this year, Indians, Cubs, heck even the Blue Jays lol

would it ruin the feel good story to mention that the Cubs and Blue Jays were in the playoffs last year :wink: Can’t root for my team again this year, but luckily the Dodgers were more than happy to take all their old guys off their hands, so it can’t hurt to root for them… I guess.

Only slightly, I don’t pay much attention to baseball so its all new to me lol

Watching the Rangers get routed by the Twins, of all teams, made my season.

I hope the Cubs win the series to end the friggin’ band wagon. It’s like a voodoo curse raising the dead. Only, instead of raising the dead, you’re dragging shlubby guys out to the ballpark and away from their plumbing jobs. :grin:

What is baseball?


Easy there kid.

Ah, isn’t Baseball that sport for people who are not tough enough for Football? :smiley:
okokok, just kidding. Baseball is a nice sport

Red Sux amirite??


I suppose…

I’m gonna go out on a limp here and say Tanker might be a Sox fan lol

Don’t live in the past tanker

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We learned that response by being in the same division as Yankee fans.

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not really as good a response considering they have 27 of those things :stuck_out_tongue: It’s ok, give a Steelers fan crap some time and see how long it takes them to mention their super bowl wins :smiley:

Or a Pats fan.

four’s a nice respectable number but it doesn’t really have the same nobility associated with it as six, know what I mean?

Pittsburgh? Believe it or not I was there once.
Visited the Museum there- lotssa stuff and a submarine too!

Oh and Aspinwall is just awesome!
Back in the day when the Waterworks were still a place to go to with the family…

Also hooray for the Firefighters! I had a nice ride on the Fire Engine! :smiley:

I always have to chuckle a bit when hearing that Pittsburgh QB’s name, Roethlisberger.
The Americans pronounce it like “Ruffelsburger” while as a German I instantly recognize a swiss-looking name and pronounce it… quite differently.

Same goes for Carolina’s Luke Kuechly by the way.

Muahahhaha 1 down