Going to my first soccer (football) match


Gonna have an awesome cookout tomorrow. Plan to slow cook on the grill all day getting ready for the FC Barcelona v Real Madrid game at 4PM eastern… Ah…the PSG game is at 3PM…gonna need two screens…!


I see that FC Barcelona v Real Madrid will be on ESPN at 4PM…where would one find the 3PM PSG game?


Found a PSG stream…yay!


To the half with no score…couple great shots though…


PSG up by 1 on an own goal by EA Guingamp…doh…!


Neymar with a score…


Man…I’d love to see something like this sometime…


From what I’m reading - that is FC Koln fans marching toward their (some would say fate) against Arsenal in London today (3PM game time)…


While it can be quite awesome it does occasionally end in violence when fans of different teams meet. We have that every weekend in Germany and it can be pretty scary moments when you are near (or even in the middle of) it and you realize that the mood is getting weird. You “feel” the mood of the crowd changing very strange thing.
During my time in Karlsruhe (very dedicated fans there) I experienced it when they played Cottbus IIRC (also very dedicated fans, lots of hooligans among them) one day.
It was a second league game but they needed ~2000 policemen to stop the riots after the game. I don’t even remember who won but how parts of the city looked afterwards.


Yeah as Aginor is saying, football events often mean bad news for the local establishments, there’s always a lot of security and police nearby. Although this is the fault of the clubs themself, they stimulate and facilitate this aggressive behaviour and refuse to run a zero-tolerance policy. They give these people space to congregate, special spots in the sporting arena’s etc. It’s really pretty disgusting .


LOL…the Reddit comments are funny:

“London can prepare for a long night if this happens”

“20,000 (around 19,726 is drunk) pissed off fans in London, yeah, seems like a proper chaos.”

“Operation Sea Lion 2”

“Germany playing the long (con)”




I also saw footage of opposing fans down in the food court respectfully singing their team songs, giving each other turns of it. While I don’t doubt that things got ugly (as one would expect with tens of thousands of drunk fans), it does seem the game went off OK. The footage I’ve seen mostly shows the same scene at the front gate from various angles…making it look as if it were an all night affair, but was a lot of the same event from multiple camera angles.

Despite the ugliness, I was surprised at the comments by some Arsenal fans that it was refreshing to hear such cheering (by the Germans) in Emirates Stadium (a dig at their own enthusiasm I guess…LOL…)

Wonder if things settled down after the game or if it became worse…

Mmm…looking at that mass of people…just happy none of those vehicle terrorism incidents. Ugh…what a security nightmare…


Congrats Australia…!