Good GA Double Engine Recommendation Scratch That Single Engine

Anybody got a good GA double engine third party plane recommendation?

I have the Carenado Do 228 as my only payware X-Plane plane so far, and likely ever as I am the lazy type, so MSFS2020 is my main civ sim now.

As for the model, it looks amazinginside and out, lovely PBR textures, the cockpit is very atmospheric with lots of steam gauges and a single GNS530. The Dornier can fly very efficiently, quite high and can stop on a dime (it is one of only two types rated for Lukla Airport near Everest). I do find it very difficult to lose speed but that is probably realistic.
My only negative comment is that the documentation is not as extensive as I would want it to be, but that seems to be common among Carenado planes.


Ok so this is a bit embarrassing, But I already have a B58 form Carenado. Lol…I have to many planes…Could have swore it was the C208. I guess not!

So with that, any good single engine GA recommendations?

cant get over the look of that Dornier :slight_smile:

just recently was checking twin prop options but piston. I like Carenados AERO COMMANDER 500S SHRIKE

regarding single engine I heard good things about Just Flights singles. in case you are looking for something newer there are the TorqueSims SR20/22

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The best in his class and more classy than him is impossible:
Airfoillabs King Air

Gorgeous inside and out, study level detail, dynamic checklists, custom 2D menus for load manager, custom views, calculator for Vspeeds, and includes a version that supports (if you also have it) 2 Garmin GTN 750 in cockpit!
Also includes options for custom status (cold and dark, before taxi, etc) and possibility for remember/persistent set (it loads with all the switches/knobs etc as you let it last time).
As the X-Aviation TBM900 is the nr1 in GA single engine, this is the nr1 in Bi-prop GA bird for XP11.

P.S.: if you want a 2 prop engine but not GA, this revamped An-24RV is also the nr1 in regional bi prop for xp11:


One I keep coming back to.


chcek also Aerobask offerings, they are high quality. their Lancair Legacy is still on sale right now

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