Good Luck Solar Impulse 2!

The 100+ hour leg from China to Hawaii begins.

Really cool telemetry and live feeds.


That is a really cool site. The instruments view is kinda neat. 30 knot ground speed. Whoa! - Bet he can’t wait to get up in the upper winds…


Wow, the presentation of this, plus the live feeds are really nice.

It sort of looks like a Role Playing Game up there. He should eat an apple and increase those food stats, either that or a potion… :smiley:

Toilets - see, they could have saved weight by only having one…

After 40 hours of flight, looks like it landed it Japan to await better weather before going for Hawaii.

Another attempt tonight I think:

Use @guod’s link the first post I guess to see instrumentation and data when they take off?

EDIT: Hmm, first comment on that newspapers feedback section:

"Oh for goodness sake Guardian! Check your facts before publishing this rubbish.
The plane is still on the ground in Nagoya, waiting for a suitable weather window.
Surely it can’t be too hard to check their website before making yourself look foolish."

So, maybe not yet then. Oops. :frog:

Well, they did it!

No Flight Until 2016 - News from July 15th, 2015

“Despite the hard work of the Solar Impulse team to repair the batteries which overheated in the record breaking oceanic flight from Nagoya to Hawaii, the solar powered airplane of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will stay in Hawaii until early spring 2016.”

What a terrible fate. Trapped in Hawaii until April 2016. Horrible!

…ehhh, pass me a Pina Colada will ya please? :smiley: