Good PC Couch Local Co-Op Games?

As @BeachAV8R mentioned the Steam Link here:

…I was thinking about decent local co-op PC couch games.

Anyone got any good ones for family/friends play they would recommend?

Here’s the ones we as a family probably played the most this year around the TV:

A great simple shooter for 2 players.

A rare 4 player local co-op. Ignore the name, it’s a multi-role space 2d game. Great with a group:

Chaotic four player cooking - really nice. Will cause sisters to shout at brothers for not washing up quick enough.

What you got?

Well, my boys like racing stuff…so we go with pretty mindless ones…and I like ones that have local coop.

Once Kai gets a bit older, I expect we’ll be playing a lot of stuff. But for now…it is pretty tame racing games and stuff like that.

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I’m getting this for Kai and his cousin on the Switch for Christmas. Looks fun…LOL…

And I should probably buy Rocket League…from what I’ve read, it is a scream. Is it local coop? If so…how many players?

It is, although the AI isn’t great and it’s essentially a 3 vs 3 competitive multiplayer game. You can play 2 vs 2. Skill ceiling is really high, but it can be a bit frustrating for kids to learn.

I play it a lot and it sort of slid in to be my Counter Strike addiction replacement (like a person gorges on bad food after trying to stop smoking are they actually better off?) so I never recommend it to anyone :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Oh dear… Well, my son has stomped a Kindle and thrown an iPad (RIP both of them)…so I don’t need anything that fires up my wife’s genetics within him.

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LOL…poor Chewie…

Thumbs up for Lovers in a Strange Spacetime! It’s trip :smiley:

A few of my picks. Most of these are probably better suited for friends and older family.

Spread managed democracy and liberty by shooting a lot of aliens and crushing your friends with orbital supply drops.

“Leaves everyone yelling at each other” submission 1 of 2. Insanely fast paced and entirely too much fun.

“Leaves everyone yelling at each other” submission 2 of 2. Ridiculous visuals and purposefully awkward controls. It’s a winner.

If you like the action movies of yore with Arnold, Stallone, Kurt Russel, and so on, Broforce is a must.


Can’t recommend Helldivers enough. Its really meant to be played on a big television with four people


Ya helldivers is good but no really a kids game.

Keep talking and nobody explodes is also good but not really kid level unless your kid is pretty smart. I’d say teen level though some of the early ones are probably easy enough.

Can’t believe no one has posted this one yet:

The amount of hours a friend and I have dumped into this game is large. Oh the stories of how we ended up dying!

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Couple of couch coop and split screen options:

Gauntlet (80’s arcade remake)
Rocket League (split screen)
Resident Evil 5 (2 player local or online)
Mother Russia Bleeds
Sacred Citadel