Google Earth Fun

So I was messing around on Google Earth looking at some landmarks in Iran, and I found the above carrier. At first I thought it was another russian carrier knock off, but turns out it was part of Iranian Ninja Warrior 9 war games. Interesting video to go along with it.


They didn’t even try to takeoff and land from it! Man, what a waste.

What would the Navy do in a hypothetical Iranian boat swarm of doom scenario? I’m assuming the escorts would shred them to pieces. Or do you drop a few CBUs on them? Air burst Mk-84’s? Either way sounds fun.

Well, if Millennium Challenge 2002 was any indication, the Navy would lose their entire task force, then wave a magic wand and bring them back to the surface.

On the other hand, in real life, probably after the first few Iranian boats get blow’d up, the rest would turn tail and run.


Have you ever wondered why we (the USN) added 20mm guns to the small boys and installed a Phalanx TV aiming system…in addition to rail-mounted .50 cals and M-60s…and M-60 door gunners in the SH-60s…now you know.:slightly_smiling_face:


Probably be quite a bit of fun. Literal fish in a barrel.

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