Google Maps with a Timeline

Interesting, in that it has daily satellite photo updates. Google maps with a time dimension.

7 Petabytes of data, with 7 TB added per day.

Why is the plumber’s truck in my driveway every few weeks?


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Yes, it’s a resurrection but… Have you noticed how odd is the availability of Google Street View?

Does it have to do with privacy or because Germans drive so fast the camera can’t keep up? :joy:

Just read the german Wikipedia article to help me remember.

There was quite a big fuzz here ten years ago. Over 240000 citizens objected that their property will be avaiable on google which cause quite some work to blur the images. Politics had to act due to media coverage and Google has been negotiating with data privacy authorities ever since.


That said the image is striking…

The absurd thing is that we Germans love to use street view to look at potential travel locations or simply stalk addresses that end up in our letterboxes but of course your house mustn’t show up on the web where everyone can find it and see what it looks like, because that’s an invasion of privacy lol.

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