Got a Playstation VR for Christmas!



Not sure if this is the right place for this. Been ill I’ve most of Christmas so only had a chance today to set it up and try out. Never tried vr before and wow what an experience! So good in the free Ocean Descent game where the shark attacks but had motion sickness big time with Skyrim VR, so much so I can’t play it and it’s very blurry and pixelated but then it’s had vr bolted Into an old game so can’t expect perfection I guess.

Wipeout in VR is absolutely fantastic though, in actually in the cockpit of the racing ships! I have Eve Valkyrie and Firewall downloading now too but I guess it’s pot luck what gives me motion sickness and what doesn’t.

Anyone tried it?


Never tried PSVR. Was thinking about getting it for my daughter. Do you have the PS4 Pro, or the regular?


The regular PS4. The only problem I have is the lack of USB ports on it as I have an external hard drive plugged in too and then the vr takes up another one. So I may move vr only games to my PS4 hard drive and unplug the external as need be.


back in nov i went vr with the rift … there are no words to describe the difference … it can only be experianced, saying that my wife and daughters have discovered beat saber … as Beach will confirm this can be an issue, as they seem to be on my pc more than i am now :grin:


Nice lol I bet that’s good in elite? I know I won’t have a new pc able to run vr so PS4 was the only way for me and hopefully one day FD make it vr compatible on the PS4. I’ve just tried Eve Valkyrie and it’s so good! I think it’s the sense of scale vr brings that makes it so good for me. There’s best saber in the playstation too but I don’t have the wand things.
I tried resident evil 7 and my god it was too much lol…


Be sure to get Ace Combat 7. It comes out on 18th January and it has exclusive VR missions for PS4. I’m thinking of getting the PS4 + VR myself.


Yes, have that on my radar for sure! Already heard it’s the best vr game from reports at E3 etc.