Got to have an OD green one, (XBox One)

Bought the original, then a Forza version, then a TB version… now I want the OD green BF1 version… lol

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I just bought the plain white “S”. It’s beautiful and I love it. I think I could really get into BF except I hate the punk-a** dialog between in-game characters. Anyway, nice to “see” you as always Magnum.

I was thinking about buying an XBox for my Dad this weekend. He’s recovering from some pretty intensive back surgery and something simpler to operate like a console might provide him some boredom relief. Of course, I hooked my laptop up to the big screen TV and we had a great time playing Grid 2 in split screen and The Golf Club…

Played both of those games… on PC and console, good choice… ya, since I hurt my back can’t sit here for more then an hour, why I moved to mostly console… highly recommended, he’ll pick it up quick… plenty of fun, slow and easy games.


Rise of the Tomb Raider is Gorgeous and fun. The story is OK and the gameplay rich.

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Yeah console has come a long way.

@BeachAV8R if your dad is into sims, Elite Dangerous is available on XB1 and works really well with the controller and is feature complete with the PC version, nice for relaxing on the couch being a space trucker or bounty hunter depending on my mood, also Farm Simulator 2015 is available too, another relaxing thing to pass time.

@Magnum50 I’m waiting for next year to pick up the upcoming XB1 scorpio, will trade in my original XB1 which makes some harddrive noises sometimes.

ya me too, was just joking about buying it… I’ll wait.