Got to laugh at self, I'm done with gaming. Really?

Less then 6 months ago I made the decision to fade out of gaming, all gaming, PC and Console… Being retired, I’m actually busier then I ever was when working. Travel a lot. So it made sense. I was just going to let these systems die out… then 2 weeks ago I ordered a new Xbox Series X when it was finally offered to me via the Microsoft lottery system. Got that bad boy 3 days ago… this morning, during our tropic storm, FedEx dropped off my new Alienware… in the rain without protection and without knocking! (but it was still dry, not the outer box thou.)

Anyway… back into gaming, and really getting back into PC sims…
The new beast, should last me 10+ years then DONE! lol. It’s purchased just for a handful of games, nothing else… MSFS 2000, DCS, ILS, Steel Beasts, and ArmA3. (all those games already nearly fill my 2TB SSD.

Keeping my old 15 year Alienware for everything else… pictures, surfing, porn, and other games like the Combat Mission series and other less needy ones.

And of course the new Xbox Series X… just for the few great console games. lol

My retirement man cave… 3 systems.

And yes… thinking about selling my Razer Gaming Laptop now, don’t game when I travel on my MC. :wink: Maybe.


Yeah, laptops are good for traveling but why waste time with that at home? You get so much more for your money when it’s not packaged to be portable.

Anyway, welcome back to the Corleone family business!


I am so overwhelmed by the cost* of a new mobo, gpu, cpu, power supply and cooling system that I am thinking of taking a little VR break and getting an xbox s!x just for MSFS. Cruising along from my couch seems just the thing right now.

*I can afford the stuff, I guess. But the question I always ask is: is there enough value in the investment? Probably. Given the amount of time I devote to this hobby. But I think the outlay will need to wait until the weather gets cold and other toys become less attractive.

Anyway. Glad you’re in it for a bit longer @Magnum50! I really enjoyed the handful of Battlefield1 sessions we had together. (Even though I was woefully inept next to you.)


Welcome to the Hotel California brother! :smiley:


When your wife is a quality time person, so you spend most of your free time in your recliner in the living room. That’s where a quality gaming laptop is great. I mean so I’ve heard, purely hypothetical…


Yeah, my dad had a computer cart he kept in the family room that he pulled in front of his recliner when watching TV with my mom.
Mind you this was in the 90’s, CRT days, so it was BULKY.