GOTY Edition (free)

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition is arriving on November 18th with DirectX 12 support. The free update will include five new aircraft, eight new airports, and new discovery flights and tutorials. The big addition will be DirectX 12 support for PC players.

I know this is already in the other huge thread but I find those unmanageable. Reading and then finding stuff here is a pain.

Anyway, free stuff. Yay?


5 new planes? In the trailer I could identified the Pilatus, the F-18 and that piloted drone.
The other 2 for what usually msfs likes to offer can be a G1000 F-18 and a F-18 with floats :smiley:


Here’s the info on the new planes. I wouldn’t expect a DCS F/A-18, so you’ll just have to mutter pew pew while flying over your house :slight_smile:

  • Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet: Our first military jet and a highly requested feature from the community. The Top Gun: Maverick expansion will release with the movie next Spring, but we wanted simmers to have the opportunity to test their need for speed this holiday.

  • VoloCity: We partnered with well-known German company Volocopter, which is working on an eVTOL called “VoloCity”, a vision for an urban air taxi. We worked closely with the Volocopter engineering team to develop an authentic version of the prototype aircraft for the simulator. This is our first aircraft that can perform pinpoint landings and is a teaser of what you can look forward to in 2022 when we intend to launch helicopters in the sim.

  • Pilatus PC-6 Porter: This legendary short takeoff and landing (STOL) utility aircraft is a highly versatile plane from Switzerland and comes with several cockpits, cabins, and landing gear variations. It is the result of our close collaboration with the manufacturer and the development efforts by famed developers Hans Hartmann and AlexanderMetzger resulted in a great and fun new aircraft with exception capabilities in the simulator.

  • CubCrafters NX Cub: Yakima-based CubCrafters recently introduced a nosewheel option for their flagship CC-19 XCub Aircraft, popularly called the NX Cub, which we are pleased to introduce to the flight sim audience to further enhance our bush flying and off airport options.

  • Aviat Pitts Special S1S: One of our most popular planes gets a single-seat option with the release of this aircraft.

The next big update is the Helicopter one, so I guess the VoloCity thingy is the warm-up for that internally.


A very nice Holiday gift from Microsoft, thank you. Looking forward to flying some of those.

:laughing: That cracked me up!

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Don’t be like that, now! :rofl: I’m a self-proclaimed MSFS fan boy but I have to say there’s more than a grain of truth in that joke ahaha

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Are they trying to squeeze the add-on industry out of business?

Kidding, of course. :wink:

That Porter… Didn’t someone just release one?

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I love the way MSFS keeps giving us new stuff! So long as they keep fixing the bugs as well! Cheers.