Grand Theft DCS Nevada

I know it’s obvious, I know it’s stupid, but still - it had to be done if you have Combined Arms. A drive tour of The Strip in heavy armor.

The boys standing by with spare vehicles

The Palace.

Lots of road rage in Vegas - don’t drive too close buddy!

Do what I say, not what I do I guess…

It’s ok, it’s ‘clean diesel’ - passed all of VW’s tests!

Oops, blew up that sign - forgot what that key did. Sorry?

People now seem to give me a wide berth at least.

These were shot at 8pm game time, so a little too dark. I think there are some self-lighting fixes coming down the pipe, as I did it to make the Vegas lights look purdy but it didn’t really work so well.


I’m looking forward to the DCS: Combined Arms Racing Tournament!
Street races and circuit races in four categories: transport, tank, APC and SAM

LOL! I’ve been waiting for someone to do this. Was discussing it with someone the other day. A guy who I know lived there wanted to see if his old house was on the map or some representation of it. I told him to use CA and drive around and see.

As a side note, there is a big race track on the map. Could host some multiplayer CA races on that track! :grinning:

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Good idea - the Speedway just outside Nellis would be fun to try. I think there are AI cars already speeding around. :car:

Time to see if those AI cars can be hit with an Abrams main gun… For science…

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