Grant Imahara, Host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' Dies at 49

Ouch… :pleading_face:


What else will 2020 take from us? Rest in peace to this awesome person.


That’s sad news. :pensive:

That’s horrible news…

Always sad when someone doesn’t even reach 50. :frowning:

Hard to hear of this; Grant Imahara was a staple of the Mythbusters series and I think the host I enjoyed watching the most. 49 is just too damn young to go.


I liked the lady a lot as well, what’s her name?

Anyway, yeah Mr Imahara was a great TV personality. He had this cheerful and naïve nerdicality about him. Very sad. Fate certainly is the hunter.

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Kari Byron.
She and Imahara were great!


Damn, I know him mostly from Mythbusters, he seemed like a really fine fellow. That’s a shame. RIP.

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Very sad to hear the news, so sudden & unexpected
but he lived his life well achieving many unique exeriences
a very clever lad & a very likeable personality on myth-busters
(also my favourite host for certain)
his light burned brightly - I hope he is in nerd-nirvana wherever that may be.

2020 is killing my adolescence :frowning:

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