Graphics profile switcher for DCS World

Being a VR flyer, one of the things I find a bit of a pain is having to adjust all the settings in DCS World when I want to watch a track and take some nice screenshots…
It just doesn’t look this good if you just keep your finely tuned VR settings…

I know @SkateZilla is working on creating profiles for his excellent app, but I thought I would try my hand at writing a quick and dirty program to hold us over in the meantime. It lets you save a copy of the options.lua file to one of three different folders. You can then jump between versions of the options.lua by ALT+TABbing to the app and choosing your desired profile. You don’t have to close DCS World down when you make the switch, but you must be in the menus and out of the Settings tab as it reads the options.lua file.

If you think you would find it useful and are feeling brave (I’m a pilot, not a programmer), then feel free to give it a try.

You can download the file from here:


Well, no sooner than I posted this up I found a small bug, where the Normal button didn’t work properly. It is now fixed and the new version is uploaded (v0.2). Sorry about that. I should have tested it a lot more I guess.

This will be useful to me too. Will try it as soon as time allows. Thanks

I just updated it with some small cosmetic changes, and titled the app “Profiles for DCSW”

I was using it last night and found it quite useful. Has anyone tried it yet? I am curious if it is working ok on other PC’s.

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Cheers @PaulRix. So, you use this from the main menu screen? Is it graphic settings only or other settings?

Dan, you should be able to use it successfully while in any of the DCS menus except the settings tab and while in the 3D environment. Using it within he 3D environment shouldn’t cause any problems but the changes won’t take effect until you quit the flight and then fly again.
I believe the options.lua includes all the settings you can manipulate from within the DCS World settings tab.

I have been doing some thinking about doing the same thing for XP11. In fact the program might work just fine with XP11 without any significant coding changes. You would just have to point the app to the correct settings file and it should work just the same. I’ll have to test that out.

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That would be especially helpful Paul. No, that would be the dog’s jigglies. I’ve often lamented about having to change display settings when switch in/out of VR. :+1:

I will see what I can come up with Dan. Looking at my code, I should easily be able to make a separate version for XP11. I’ll try and work on it tonight if I get a chance.

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works pretty good,
My app requires dcs not to be open due to MSAA/Resolution/Monitor Profile’s causing problems when changing while DCS is Running.

Great! That’s good to hear. Thanks for trying it out!

I would not be at all surprised if those things would cause the same problems with my app. I did nothing more than copy and paste the options.lua file. Are you approaching it differently?

I took a look at it this evening. I have kind of got it working, but it is very clunky because of how XP11 handles the preference files. So, to set it up you have to go into X-Plane’s settings, make your adjustments and then completely exit X-Plane before using my app to save the profile (the prf files only get updated when you close X-Plane). You then have to repeat that process for the remaining two profiles. When you want to apply a particular profile, you have to do it before X-Plane is running or it just won’t work. Plus, some of the preferences are in different files which adds some work, but won’t be too difficult.

I’m thinking there has to be a better way to do this. I’ll keep thinking on it.

I’ll keep working on it

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Bump for this very helpful utility. I finally had time to try it last night and it works as advertised. Well done Sir.

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Thank you! This is exactly the software I was looking for

Hi @Blackhawk0384 and welcome to Mudspike!

I hope you find the app useful. I figured that it was made redundant when ED added profiles in the settings tab, but I guess that getting back there can take some extra clicks/time.